I was talking to a very special individual earlier this week who described ‘coaching’ as being for people who had big dreams, (i.e., who are clearly after things that they envision), but can not yet touch.  Many people believe that the path to accomplish their dreams is through a ‘to do’ list.  While that is partially true, what is more accurate is that the path is paved by learning more about the unique individual that each of us is; what we truly want; asking and answering tough personal questions; holding ourselves more accountable; listening to our small voice inside and allowing this voice to guide us.  Easier said than done, right?

Coaching does in fact shed light in each of these areas.  To expand, let’s look at it through the eyes of business executive Michael Lynberg, author of The Gift of Giving:  “Listen to that still small voice inside you.  If you do not live your life completely, realizing goals you hold to be worthwhile, making your unique contribution to the world, nobody ever will.  Your song will die with you.

“Many of us have discovered what we want to do with our lives.  We havea purpose that resonates to the very core of our being.  Somehow our lives will never be complete unless we answer this calling.  But we refrain…the ‘still small voice’ whispers a dream…but later that day or the next our vision starts to fade…immersed in the practical, ourdreams and aspirations seem uncertain and perhaps a bit foolish.

“We plod the highway of conformity, each following the other.  We seekwhat others seek–comfort, security, money, power, pleasure.  We are not alone, but only a stranger to our better selves.  Years leave wrinkles upon the skin.  But this loss of enthusiasm leaves wrinkles upon the soul.

“It is impossible to tell another what path he or she should follow.  Only you, in stillness and humility, can listen to that still small voice. Success and happiness are not distant goals to capture and hold.  They happen incidentally while you are fulfilling yourself.”

Quote from Michael Lynberg in “If I Knew Then What I Know Now…CEO’s and Other Smart Executives Share Wisdom They Wish They’d Been Told 25 Years Ago”, by Richard Edler.  You know that your inner voice is talking to you constantly, yes?  Why not bring a little magic into your life this week and actually listen to it…what dreams are reoccurring and what desires are being unleashed?

What do you have to gain from honoring this voice?  Where does it want to steer you?  What does it want you to eliminate?  To increase?  To focus upon?

Enjoy some quiet time this week, away from your ‘to do’ lists, and see what transpires.

Peace and Blessings!