What I do

I assist business owners, entrepreneurial wannabes, and leaders build great careers and lifestyles that honor their deepest values, make an impact in the world, and achieve success on their own terms.

What’s the result?  You feel energized by your work, live a life you love, and profit greatly.  You’re unique contribution to the world unfolds as you step more fully into your personal power and make choices in alignment with the highest vision for your life’s work.

I teach, coach and mentor individuals to bring out their brilliance and create their career/business as a platform for greater success and freedom.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You are bored and unmotivated by the work you perform.
  • You are not clear on where you need to be in 5 years.
  • You are working too hard for the results you are getting.
  • You are not where you want to be in life or your career.
  • Stress is taking its toll on your health and relationships.
  • You feel like your spinning you wheels and don’t know which direction to take.

The challenge in understanding what work you are best suited for is very common.  Very seldom do we live our true life.  Practically, we try to succeed on someone else’s terms to prove to them, we’re okay.  To a great extent we are living out other peoples’ lives.  Whatever Mother, Father, Teacher, Minister said we should or should not do.  We have all been there. However, highly successful individuals know that if you expect much better results, you must be committed to grow, learn, re-focus and begin to do things differently.  Time to uncover your deepest truth.

That is what Career/Business Coaching is all about. Helping you get clear, get a plan, and take the practical steps needed to get you those far better results.

The journey is very rewarding and you’ll reap the rewards for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a quick complimentary chat. I would love to know a little about what you are trying to achieve, and would be happy to answer any questions and give you a feel for how coaching would work for you.

You can also check out How I Work for service options and rates.

Here’s more about how I see coaching works:

Most of us can feel the urge to create a more satisfying existence and this is where coaching comes in to play. Coaching helps an individual’s progress by developing a deeper self-awareness and an understanding of what’s most important.  Accepting your self as you are allows you to imagine new opportunities and take inspired action.  Even though you don’t have all the answers yet, they will come to you because of your genuine intent to learn, and an openness to the ‘new.’

At any moment, we can choose to take personal responsibility for our lives/work/journey and consciously create what’s most important to us. We can accept our uniqueness, stop focusing on our deficits and grow beyond our wildest dreams.  We can imagine our potential future in alignment with our dreams and step into it.  We can reach beyond what seems possible and create the seemly impossible.  There are examples of this everywhere.

Often what’s missing is someone to walk this journey with you, someone who is practical, yet freethinking who does not judge or criticize your every move but believes in you even when you doubt yourself. Through coaching, I inspire my clients to create lives and careers in harmony with their essence.  These individuals I call, Creative Adventurers; those who are awakened or awakening to their creative ability and the difference they make on the planet.

As a coach, I assist my clients in the exploration of their assumptions about what’s possible – sometimes in a gentle, loving manner and other times through some form of poking, prodding, challenging, and confronting – to help deepen self-knowledge and awareness.  I do this from a place of compassion, integrity, and a “knowing” that we grow by letting go of everything that no longer serves us.   As we breakthrough our previous limitations, we expand our consciousness and thus our world.  And as we gain more confidence in our abilities to confront and overcome limitations, we achieve a greater sense of freedom to choose, dream, and create our dreams.