What They Say

“Mary Beth Shewan changed my life.  At a time when I was very unhappy and wanted a life coach to help me make career decisions, Mary Beth helped me to realize I needed more than a new career – I needed a new way of living.  Through my conversations with Mary Beth, I learned so much about myself and who I had become.  That was five years ago.  Since then I have finished my bachelor’s degree (at age 42) and started a career that I love.  I now make more than 10 times as much money as I did before.  Mary Beth gave me her words of encouragement every step of the way and was there to be my ‘cheerleader’ when I felt overwhelmed and doubted myself.  Mary Beth is also a spiritual counselor.  By that I mean there is a spiritual foundation to all she does.  I was also reexamining my beliefs and faith at this time, and I found Mary Beth to be a supportive guide on my spiritual journey.  Today, I am a radically different person than I was five years ago.  I have gone from being the quintessential ‘glass half-empty’ person to being a positive, upbeat person who finds happiness in whatever life brings my way.  Mary Beth was a godsend to me at a time when I needed her most, and I’m sure she would agree when I say I really believe God did send her to me.  I only hope she can reach more and more people and touch their lives in the way she did mine.” – Patti Steele, Grant Writer/Researcher

“I worked with Mary Beth for more than a year.  I chose her from a number of coaches because of her ability to listen closely, focus immediately, identify, prioritize and develop a concrete action plan.  She is conceptual, but so much more than academic – or worse, nonacademic – theory.  She is practical, but with the depth and necessary insight that goes far beyond a paint-by-numbers approach to problem solving.  She has been an invaluable resource to me in my career as a freelance filmmaker and writer.  She has provided constant perspicacity and navigational aid as I have traversed the often turbulent waters of the film and television industry – whether the difficulty was a deal, an interpersonal situation, or simply my own work habits.  But the proof ultimately is in the proverbial pudding.  And for me, that is the fact that I have accomplished things in the year working with her that I had only talked about accomplishing in years previous.  In the end, it is the tangible that is the most transformational.  Thank you Mary Beth.” – Frank Kosa, Filmmaker

“It can be difficult to find a coach when you are also a professional coach.  But, when I went out seeking a coach for myself, I made a great find in Mary Beth.  I knew that our work together would help me reach the goals I desired.  That was a given.  What I didn’t expect was the additional skill I gained AS a coach by being coached by Mary Beth.  She has a great gift of supporting you in a jovial way that says, ‘of course that happened to you! You deserve it!’ Her ability to make your goals (and trust me, mine were/are always huge) seem like obvious absolutes, and her ability to help sort out multiple options for folks like me who are leading a multifaceted life, are true assets to her clients and the coaching world.  I would recommend Mary Beth to anyone looking for kind, compassionate support and ‘get up and do it’ motivation.  She is a great coach and great human being.” – Leslie Becker, The Make It Happen Coach and Author of The Organized Actor

“After working with Mary Beth for over a year, I sometimes wonder how I made some major decisions without her.  Now, when issues come up in my life she lovingly shows me where to focus and direct my energy so that I do not feel overwhelmed.  Even then she is there to calmly listen and mirror back what I am saying and feeling in a way that helps me see the picture more clearly.  She is unconditionally loving, compassionate and knowledgeable and I’m so very thankful that she is in my life.  She has mastered the art of coaching.” – Kelli Quinn, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

“I contacted Wholelife Coaching in 2001 for coaching during a time in my life of both career and relationship transition.  I immediately felt that I had met not only a masterful coach in Mary Beth, but also a kindred spirit.  She is a great listener.  She has this wonderful quality of being able to listen from the heart and hear all that is and is not spoken.  Mary Beth is both compassionate and insightful.  She was able to respond back to me in ways that validated my true essence and let me know that not only was I understood, but also truly seen, valued, and appreciated.  By feeling understood, really seen, known, valued, and appreciated for who I am, I have been able to move forward in my life making decisions that affirm my true self.  Mary Beth brings her genuine self to her coaching sessions.  By showing up candidly and authentically, it has made me feel like I was and am safe to do the same in the world.  She teaches by her example of ‘walking the talk.’  She truly helps uplift all of us along her path.” –
Helaine Matz, HJM Bilingual Communications: Spanish Interpretation/Translation/Bilingual Marketing/Language Classes

“Wholelife Coaching worked with me through the startup of my coaching practice.  I honestly would not be pursuing this dream were it not for the coaching and business expertise of the founder, Mary Beth Shewan.  She helps me move forward and encourages my personal growth.” – Janet Bonnin, Simple Journeys Coaching

“Mary Beth is hands down the best life coach on the planet. I hired Mary Beth two years ago and I have never looked back. Mary Beth creates an atmosphere of trust, excitement and caring like know one else I have met before. With Mary Beth I personally have become a life coach, motivational speaker, workshop leader and soon to be executive director. Mary Beth is wonderful in helping you discover your passion in life. There is no one else I recommend more than my life coach Mary Beth.” – Michael Garlin

“Mary Beth has been my coach for almost a year. I always make sure to block out a time to speak with her at least twice a month – WHY? Because she grounds me. She is great at what she does. As a business owner I tend to get involved in a million different things at once – Then I have a session with Mary Beth and I’m more focused and able to organize my priorities. She is also great at helping with work/life balance. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur or business professional – She has done wonders for me, both professionally and personally.” – Christine Cunneen, Hire Image

“Mary Beth is a warm, fun and caring Life Coach who brings sensitivity, intuition, creativity, and training to her work. She has a natural talent for helping clients first find their deep, inner source of inspiration, and then utilize that source to develop and implement a clear vision. I have seen first-hand that she is highly sensitive and responsive to energy — including blocked energy — in others. If you need a skilled Life Coach to help you move through issues that have been standing in your way, Mary Beth is the person to contact.” – Linda Rivero

“I hired Mary Beth at the end of 2005 to help me gain clarity on my future and the possibility of a career transition into coaching as a profession. I found Mary Beth to be an excellent coach. She is intuitive and has the unique ability to zero on on key issues by asking targeted questions. She was very motivational and helped me to not only gain perspective on my goals, but served as a catalyst for starting my own business. Through a coach approach Mary Beth assisted me in aligning my values and needs with my work life and future. I will always be grateful to Mary Beth for her role in helping me start my business and to grow into an independent coach/ entrepreneur. Great results!” – Anita Goldin, SPHR

“WOW! Mary Beth is literally a breath of fresh air to me when I have a coaching session with her. Often weighed down by the concerns of succeeding as an entrepreneur, I greatly value her perspective, creative thinking and expert advice; it moves me forward and onward to reach my goals. I highly recommend her and refer her every chance I get. Don’t waste another minute wrestling with the fearful thoughts that comes with taking great risk — hire Mary Beth today.” – Lindy (Holt) Bartell

“Mary Beth really helped jump-start my career search. I was initially looking for a career coach but she helped me realize that I needed to focus on the whole person and not just my career. I highly recommend her work as a coach. She did a great job.” – Christine Springer

“Mary Beth has the profound ability to envelope you in a heartfelt manner that allows you to open your eyes, spirit and mind to your own personal wisdom.She doesn’t tell what to change, do or become – she lights the path for your creative genius to emerge. She an engaging trainer, dynamic coach and worthy ally for you to have.” – Melanie DewBerry-Jones