The coaching relationship has a richness and depth unmatched by any other profession.  Who else in your life will champion your best self and love you along the way?  Who else is willing to tell you the hard truth and give you honest feedback when you are getting in your own way?  Who else shares perspectives and distinctions that enhance your self-knowledge and quality of life?  Who else gives you tools to succeed on your own and focuses you time and time again on your greatest strengths?  Who else pushes you outside your comfort zone and celebrates every accomplishment or new awareness? Your coach.

Your coach creates a partnership with you as an equal and focuses on the vision, dreams, and goals most important to you.  It’s this relationship that creates the synergy enabling you to accomplish far more than you can imagine currently.  The essence of this magical relationship is as follows:  we hold the perspective that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole; you are the expert in your own life and therefore you have your own answers; it’s based on trust and confidentiality; we design an alliance with you that best serves the your progress; coaching is a purposeful conversation filled with powerful questions that get you to learn something new about yourself and/or take new action; the emphasis in coaching is on the your strengths, accountability,  and follow-through; it supports personal and professional growth, as well as general development.

Overall, coaching focuses on goal setting, outcome creation and change.  The coach provides a supportive, discovery-based framework in order for you to experiment with new approaches, structures, and strategies for a more fulfilling experience of your work or personal life.  Coaches encourage you to dream big and we work with you to clear the obstacles to those dreams by investing in yourself first for a strong personal foundation, exploring the limiting self-talk, and focusing on individual choices that move you in the right direction.  All those small steps add up to big change over time.  There is no quick fix here; change takes time. How much depends on the amount of internal resistance you face.

Here are a couple examples of clients and their dreams:

A business owner who is becoming increasingly frustrated by the changes in her industry, which have seemingly forced her into a niche, she does not enjoy, yet is financially rewarding.  We are working on the dream of doing something she loves again.  First, rediscovering her values, passion, purpose, talents, strengths, and gifts then creating the business again around that criterion.

A very bright professional woman who has been with the same company for more than a decade and has been feeling stagnate in her professional growth.  She is about to turn 50 and wants to be sure the rest of her working life allows her to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  Her dream is to wake up each day with a sense of purpose, surrounded by a team of professionals focused on the same goals, and bringing their creativity, knowledge, and experience to bear on less fortunate families.  She’s got amazing skills, talents and experience but lacks the ability to channel all that into the right position with the right organization.  We are working on her self-knowledge and researching various organizations that may spark her passion.