Real work is effortless.  It flows from who you are at your core.   One thing that stands between you living out your purpose is your internal map of reality.  That map keeps you asleep to your greatness as the landscape is filled with falsities and limiting beliefs.  Your mind does not want you to wake up as it will loose its control over you.  Your Soul, on the other hand, keeps showing you your Truth.  That Truth lives in your heart which is filled with longing.  You can deny who you are and push aside your purpose for status, power, financial gain, etc.  Yet, those false rewards turn into golden handcuffs as you loose your sense of freedom.

So many individuals are waking up to who they truly are and looking for ways to know their Truth, to express their essence.  As Human Angels, we hope to have a positive impact on others as we journey through this life and we cannot do that until we understand our Truth.  I believe, that is why so many attachments are being stripped away at this time.  Whether it’s the image you hold or yourself, your job, your relationship, your money, or your health, their leaving washes away the old map of reality.  I know from personal experience, it can be both painful and scary to experience such sweeping changes and it virtually ensures a deeper connection with your soul.  Your soul holds great wisdom and loves you no matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT!

It’s been waiting for this opportunity to speak with you.  All you have to do to facilitate this relationship is to spend some time each day breathing deeply into your belly and saying, “Yes, to life.”  In time, you will develop a new level of trust in yourself and the chaos of world conditions no longer keeps you in a frenzy.  You’ll feel increasing peace of mind and heart.

We are crossing into a new era, expanding ourselves, and the idea of work is going away.  Creative, self-expression is evolving as the new standard.  As we evolve beyond mental conditioning and stop trying to control things, the soul’s wisdom comes through to guide us and heretofore, unimagined potentials open us for us.

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