As an awakened human you are co-creating the consciousness revolution happening on this planet which means you perceive life very differently from others.

Being a Spiritual Pioneer means:

  1. you are very sensitive to the energies around you
  2. very little of the external world reflects your inner process
  3. you are intent on living authentically and aligning with your divinity
  4. you have the courage to love and accept every aspect of you
  5. the most important matter is to actualize your soul’s destiny
  6. you can observe the 3-D world like a movie and transcend any attachments
  7. you have left the flock in order to forge the new consciousness frontier
  8. you have the audacity to surrender fears, doubts, and worries again and again
  9. you know you co-create your reality with your Spirit
  10. you are passionate about living a life of wholeness
  11. you are committed to a vision of a world that works for everyone
  12. your life’s mission is to impact the people you uniquely came to earth to serve