Step 1:  What is your purpose at this time in your life?

Life purpose is the phrase that identifies the path we are on in life.  It is what gives us power over all the internal and external voices trying to tell us what to do, that grounded and centered truth that when being lived makes us unstoppable and unconcerned about others’ opinions, judgments and criticisms.  The answer to the question ”Why am I here?”

To Do: Life purpose visualization

Structure:  I am the metaphor that impact or I action to/for/of effect

For Example:

I am the well digger that helps people go deeper into their truth.

I am the guiding hand that helps people put their puzzle together.

I am the silk that wraps the world in it’s own beauty.

I am the meadow that incites the dances.

Purpose inspires the activities of your life.  Therefore, it is important to understand this when you are planning to meets your goals.  Purpose connects your values and brings meaning to your life so that no matter where you go on your path you will feel connected to the larger Agenda of your life.

Step 2:  What’s your dream?

Begin with the area of your life you most wish to focus on and look at the dream you envisioned for your future.  This dream will be more specific than your purpose but less specific than your plan.  The dream comes before the plan in order for you to connect with a new quality of life, a deeper sense of being, a value-added life.  The dream inspires and motivates you to set about making it happen.

To Do: Mind mapping

Step 3:  What is your plan for the next chapter of your life?

Planning is how you implement the vision in the real world, now.  Purpose is the “why”; dreams are the “what”.  Planning is realistic, logical, definite, factual, literal, and time-driven.  It is the “how.”  When you plan you take your purpose and dream and break it down into goals, objectives, action steps, and time lines.  Planning is a step-by-step process for making the dream happen.  A plan is fluid not stagnate.  Frequent evaluation is required, along with adaptation to new resources and opportunities as they are discovered.  The framework of the plan will remain, as a vehicle for making the dream happen.  Plans need to be definite, sequential in events, and commitment with time management.  See your wish list for possible first steps.

To Do: Action steps