First, decide that you will make finding your “ideal vocation” your goal.  I say, “Ideal vocation” because that leaves wide open the possibilities and initially you want to approach the change from this perspective.  As humans we often get caught up in the “how” before we even know the “what.” This will kill any creativity so you must not think about if a certain type of work exists, or pays enough, etc. You must only focus on the “what.”

Now, how you find the “what” is to begin with the “who.”  Who are you?  What are your passions?  What self-imposed obstacles tend to derail you?  What are your beliefs, values, spiritual perspective?  What are your unique talents and strengths?  Finally, what are your priorities in life?  Once you can answer these questions, you will have a clear picture of your unique make up and finding meaningful work will mean aligning what you do with these core truths.

It is helpful to work with a coach to discover these truths, as a coach is an objective observer and can connect the dots for you when needed.  The next step involves researching, sorting, and sifting through the world to find work that meets your criteria of being YOU.  Now you are armed with the proper information so you don’t have to blindly read job postings and you don’t have to take others’ advice.  In fact, it will benefit you greatly to let go of any need to please anyone but yourself.

Often, it is following the well meaning advice of family and friends that gets us off on the wrong career path to begin with and so you’ll need to march to your own tune this time.  I really believe that each of us is chiseled by our life experiences in order to live out our purpose.  When we clear away the mental clutter and tune into our feelings, the way forward is remarkable clear.  We’ve grown up learning to trust our minds and ignore our hearts so we make “practical” decisions on our careers.  Choices that leave us feeling empty.  It’s no wonder so many individuals find no meaning at all in their work.

It takes courage and persistence to find “your ideal income” position and you simply aren’t living fully until you do.