The answers to these questions begin your creations for 2015 and are best done at the winter solstice – December 21st.
·      What is it to have a full, rich life?
·      What is present when you are at your best?
·      What is it to be in the flow/fluid/flexible?
·      Who are you becoming?
·      What’s the theme you’d like to have for 2015?

“The year of allowing, compassion, grace”
·      As you stand on one of the peaks looking forward, what future is calling?
·      What is the essence of what is next for you?
·      How will you love yourself in greater measure this year?
·      What changes do you anticipate or hope for in the next year?
·      What self-lies (e.g., “I am not powerful.”) are you ready and willing to end?
·      What are you resisting?
·      What gifts will you share with the world this year?
Know that during this holiday season, as I reflect on the many blessings I am grateful for in my life, you are certainly one of them!
Thank you and Happy holidays ……. Much love, Mary Beth