Live Out Your Purpose in the World

  • Are you ready to be self-employed, free, and loving the work that you do?
  • Do you want to express your authentic Self and make your contribution to the world?
  • Are you tired of sabotaging your success and getting off track again and again?

This is a completely different kind of career program.  It’s a way to step out of the current mass consciousness fears about work and step into a world of empowerment where you share your unique gifts and talents from a higher level of consciousness.  Using David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, the world of work, for most, falls under level 200 and is characterized by misery, disdain, fear, disappointment, aggression, demand, and enslavement.  No wonder 85% of folks report disliking their jobs.  As conscious beings, we have the ability to break free from this world by expanding our consciousness to levels characterized by courage, satisfaction, trust, inspiration, harmony, wisdom, and love.  We can transcend the belief system that has work be a chore and replace it with ease and grace.

How do we do this? I have developed a three-part coaching process that takes you step by step over each bridge of consciousness into a new understanding of your inner self, what your expression of love is in the world, and who you are here to serve.  If you are a conscious being you are certainly aware of the great shift we are experiencing at this time.  All the new energy that is pouring onto our planet is there to support this leap for you.  Isn’t it time to embrace your dreams?

Consider what it’s worth to have someone truly believe in your dream… I think it’s priceless. 

Listen to an audio introduction to this program here:

Even if you know what you’re here to do you may find yourself starting and stopping your progress or giving in to fear and taking work that does not align with your core values and vision.  If you keep doing what you’re doing the probability is that next week, next month, and next year will look the same.  This program gives you the chance to overcome those obstacles by expanding your awareness and creating sustainable success.  While I cannot do the work for you I can be a guide through the transformation.

Most times, all any of us need is a wise someone to point us in the right direction and remind us of our vision when we stray from the path.

Here are the Transformational Pathways:


Self-awareness – understand your personal strengths, values, and vision.  Every moment of your life has chiseled you to be the gift that you are today.  We’ll explore what this means and create a foundation that nourishes your soul.

Inspired Ingenuity – until you know the “what” you can’t ask a “how” question.  What do you love?  Here we dive into the creative process allowing yourself to imagine and dream the possibilities of your expression of love in the world.  There are some fun ways to get at this question.

Break free – Recognizing the negative work perceptions, which are pervasive in mass consciousness and which limiting beliefs you hold, including money beliefs that keep you stuck.  You’ve been trained that life begins after you retire, then you can do what you want.  We’ll confront all those limiting beliefs so you can become grounded in who you are and stand tall.  Instead of a life of servitude, you’ll see the freedom to create work that you love.


Engaged – Say, “Yes” to life, showing up and stepping outside your comfort zone.  Time to share your genuine voice, dreams, hopes, and personal story.  Consciously express your purpose every day and engage in every situation by being your best self.  Now that your beliefs have shifted, new potentials show up.  Now it’s time to test the waters and find the resonance.  You’ll be amazed at how the world greets you.

Just do it – You go out there with your talents and gifts offering them as a service of love.  From this, you receive feedback and learn and grow.  In the practical world, this is getting some experience.  Often as adults, we don’t start anything new because no one likes to be a beginner.  Inspired action comes from standing in the consciousness of love and opening the doors.  Here’s where you really start to feel your value and contribution to others.  So exciting!

Synchronicity abounds – Now the change is happening.  The inner shifts you’ve made now create magical alignment in the outer world.  Expect them to propel you forward.  The Universe is there to connect you with your Soul’s dream for you.  You’re in the flow.

Trust and clarity for yourself – continue to grow and follow your heart for this is a life-long journey.  Put yourself first, not in an egotistical or greedy way but in a way that nurtures you.  Play, find balance, and simplify.   You’ll learn to choose wisely and with intention so you are always creating in alignment with your vision.


Innovate – turn everything inside out for a time.  What’s the opposite of what you’ve been doing?  Brainstorm new ideas, create a dream team, and appreciate what’s possible.  How much of an impact do you want to have in the world?

Fly now – now everyday is fulfilling as you express your love in the world.  Formulate a plan, take action, commit, and be accountable to the unfolding expression of your authentic Self.  Let go of things that don’t serve you, they are leaving anyway.  Every action has to be in alignment with your core values and deep awareness of why you’re here.

Build relationships – to sustain your success it’s time to partner, share, and create support for ongoing innovation and accountability.  Be a life-enhancing force for others as you support their success.  Ask for help and accept it when it’s offered.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for people who feel a Calling to put their authentic work in the world, expand their consciousness, and shine their brilliance as a standard for others.

Since most people no longer fit neatly into job descriptions, many begin to explore self-employment as a way to express their gifts.  Also, it is best to think of yourself as the CEO of YOU and design a business that matches perfectly.  Therefore, this program focuses on the widest possible freedom to be self-employed.

Whether you work for someone else, for yourself, or are somewhere in between all you need is a willingness to answer the call of your soul and allow the process to unfold.

Want to know more?

This program is both for groups and individuals.  I hosted a free introductory call about this class, and I invite you to listen to a recording right here:


My Mission

I have been through this process myself as I worked my way out of a very safe yet soul-killing job, and since then I have guided many individual clients through this process as well.  Now, through a process of group coaching, it is my honor to make it accessible to many more Human Angels like you.

My mission is to change the way that humans engage in work and to assist people in shifting from the current model of voluntary enslavement to a new model of freedom, fulfillment, and happiness.  In this new model, work becomes an expression of talents, gifts, and strengths that honors us as Human Beings – Body, Mind, and Spirit. That allows us to impact the world in our own special way.  I truly believe that when we each allow our own unique brilliance to shine forth, we create more meaningful change in the world than anything else we could ever do. –Mary Beth Shewan