Here are a series of steps to consider as you are developing a project:

  1. Outcome: this is what you would like to happen.  THINK BIG – you can always make adjustments
  2. Why Will It Work: You’re confident about the above outcome – why do you think it will happen?
  3. Introlerables: You have boundaries and limits – what are they?  No matter how tempting the outcome, can you still honor yourself and maintain your sense of integrity and self worth.
  4. Must Have’s: Certain things, conditions, and elements must be present to acquire and sustain your commitment to this process – what are they?
  5. Things I Can Live With: These are the throwaways, the negotiable pieces you can give up without endangering your core values and principles – what are they?
  6. How: How are you going to reach the above outcome?  What are the steps necessary to do this?
  7. Who: who will you need to facilitate your reaching your outcome?  What role will they play?  How should they be approached?  Will they share the spoils?
  8. What: What needs to be in place, or accessible to make this thing happen? What would you like to be in place ideally?
  9. Where: Where or in what location would this process have to occur to best meet your needs and that of your clientele?  How does where fit your needs and requirements?  How does where fit the diversity and uniqueness of those within your market niche?
  10. Goodness of Fit: Pause here and think about all the effort and work you have just put into your masterpiece and creation.  This is how well you feel all of the above works interactively with each other to bring about your desired outcome.  Do all the parts feel comfortable to you?  While honoring others, are you honoring yourself?
  11. Things I Cannot Change: Now that you have a sense of “Goodness of Fit” and perhaps you would like to “tweak” things, what things are not under your control and are exogenous to your solution set?  You still desire to reach your outcome, but “outliers” can effect your central path.  So what can you do about them?
  12. When: As far as timing, when would be the best time for this process to start while taking advantage of market conditions, your own physical, mental, and spiritual place, and your ability to talk your talk, walk your walk?