The only constant in life is change, how many time have you heard that?  No longer do we live in a predictable society; just look at recent world events from a global perspective and you’ll know this to be true.  So how do we find meaning and feel safe in the midst of constant change?  How do we find joy in our day to day lives?  I suggest that the only way to manage change is to commit yourself to personal growth and spiritual fulfillment, to be pro-active about the changes you accept in your life.  This necessitates knowing and living from your life’s purpose.  Life purpose is the big agenda for our lives; some people call it your path or soul purpose.  Your life purpose is as unique to you as your fingerprints.  It’s who you are and why you’re here on earth now.

At this point in your life, do you live from your life’s purpose?  If you immediately answered yes to that question, congratulations and thank you for being “present” in the world.  You approach life pro-actively by learning, growing, and being responsible.  You likely feel confident, joyful, self-sufficient, invigorated and inspired.  If you aren’t sure of the answer to that question than you probably aren’t living “on purpose.”   If you aren’t living your life’s purpose you can view this as a gap between your performance and potential.  It’s not that you’re a bad person or deliberately avoiding being your full self it’s just that your haven’t taken full responsibility for your life.  We must acknowledge our deepest desires, our life’s purpose, in order to manage change.  Once we understand our purpose, our future becomes clearer.  It no longer just a dream because we are naturally inspired to plan; as we must be able on some level to see the journey from ‘here’ to ‘there’.  At this point, life just flows.  We adjust the plan occasionally as wonderful surprises, challenges, and countless opportunities come along, always knowing that we are performing our best, living from our life’s purpose.

Coaching can lead to an understanding of your life’s purpose, which in turn can lead to performance beyond your expectations and dreams.  You can feel a sense of personal achievement by individually choosing goals to provide for optimal growth and spiritual fulfillment.  Unfortunately, few people manage to view the changes in their lives as an opportunity for self-development.  It is hardly surprising, therefore, that their lives lack sparkle.