One tenant of freedom is choice.  Being ‘at choice’ about our lives is the basis of free will.  It also necessitates that we take responsibility for how we live and the circumstances surrounding our lives.  As a coach, I ask clients to leave behind their usual reactive approach to life and embrace a proactive stance.  This involves choosing the life that they want, rather than letting the circumstances of their lives choose for them.  This is a challenging process for most people yet without this level of personal responsibility, we remain powerless.  We live in an increasingly complex world where the ability to make discriminating choices is becoming more and more important.  Although the notion of having it all has become popular, it just isn’t possible.  In fact, the more we try to “have it all” the more our lives become out of control. 

There is only so much time in a day therefore, we must focus on the two or three things that are most important to us and let go of the rest.  Over time we create a sense of balance and well being.  Once this sense of flow is experienced most wonder how they could ever have lived any other way.  Not only is day to day life more joyous and exciting, priorities are clear making goals easier to achieve.  As you look at the different areas of your life – career, money, health, personal growth, friends & family, significant other/romance, spirituality, community, fun & recreation, and physical environment, ask yourself how satisfied you are with each area.  What areas of your life are out of balance right now?  What effect is this having on your goals and aspirations?  If you continue along the same path where will you end up in 10 or 20 years?  Get started on the right path by setting goals and prioritize what is most valuable to you, but first imagine your ideal life.   What is the big impact you wish to have upon the world?  Each of us brings a unique set of talents and interests into this world.  From a foundation of balance we are free to choose the full expression of our lives.