We are all so busy we miss deepening the relationship we have with the most important person in the world, SELF.  I challenge you to schedule sacred time to be with you, a weekly date night.  This time can be spent to create your dreams as long as it is all by yourself.  Tell your friends and family that you would like their support to keep this time sacred.  The key to keeping this time sacred every week is to schedule it into your time management system as you would any other important appointment.  Still think you don’t have the time?  Consider the last time you fell in love with someone.  How quickly were you able to find “extra” time to spend with that person?  I bet it didn’t take long before you were able to create lots of free time to devote to this person.  Please, make the same commitment to yourself!

Now, while you’re spending this time with yourself, start compiling your life story.  To begin, separate your life into decades. As you consider each segment of your life, complete the following sentences:  the significant events during this part of my life were…, the one event I remember most is…, these events affected my life in the following ways:, the person(s) who influenced me most was (were)…, this part of my life affects me now in the following way….

As you look at the patterns and texture of your life a deeper understanding of who you are will emerge.  Connect with the excitement and inspiration you feel as you consider certain ideas or goals.  Here’s a tip to follow when creating the life of your dreams.  Create the feeling of that new life every single day.  Whatever you wish for in your life, it has a feeling attached to it; find that feeling and connect with it as often as possible.  I often focus on my life being a meditation.  That is, the divine connection I feel during my meditation will dominate the rest of my day.  When I have this experience, it doesn’t matter what I’m “doing”.   For I know that my life serves a higher purpose than that which is readily apparent to me.  From this feeling place I make all the right choices, take all the right steps and I am grateful for the mystery in remembering who I am.

I hope this causes you to pause and remember who you really are.  Peace and Love.