Here’s a technique for imagining the future you want to create.  It is based on the fact that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined.  In other words, events you’ve vividly imagined can produce psychological and physiological responses that are as significant as those that relate to actual events.  Therefore, if you present the subconscious with negative goals, it operates impersonally as a failure mechanism.  Present it with success goals and it will work just as hard as a success mechanism.  As you develop the picture it becomes like a movie running in your head.  Give it a try by writing out the following questions in as much sensory detail as possible.  Then read the description and see yourself in the movie.

What is the positive outcome you want?

Where are you? Get as many details as needed.

What would you be doing?

What are all the sensory details of your vision? What would you see?  Hear?  Sense? Feel?

Notice your body.

  • What types of clothes would you be wearing?
  • How would you hold your body or what would your body posture be?
  • What type of expression would you have on your face?

Who would be with you?

  • If so, what would they be doing?
  • How would they respond to you?
  • What would they say?
  • How would you respond to them?

What do you want to be feeling in this image? Expand on that using all your senses.

What else would be important to add here?