Class Registration

This course is designed to assist you in understanding:

  • Yourself and who you are at your core;
  • What your real talents and gifts are;
  • What you love and are naturally drawn to;
  • How to translate that into work that is an expression of your true self.

This course is designed to help you shift from seeing work as something you must do, to creating work that is an expression of your love in the world. It is a potent process that can help you to shift your consciousness to a place where you can create a life filled with creativity, joy, self-expression, love, and fulfillment.

In order to participate in this course you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This course is a proven and effective educational experience, and what you get from it will depend entirely upon how much energy and focus you put into it, how open you are to exploring new concepts, and how willing you are to create and allow change in your life.
  2. This course consists of twelve 90-minute classes over a period of six months, and must be paid for in advance. There are two options for payment:
    1. You can make a single payment of USD$1100 for the entire course.
    2. You may pay in six monthly installments of USD$200 each, for a total of USD$1200. The first installment is due upon registration, and additional installments are due by the 10th of each of the next five months. Important: If you choose this option you are committing to pay the full USD$1200 even if you drop out of the course at any point after the first 30 days.
  3. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for this course. If at any time during the first 30 days of the course you feel that it is not right for you, you may request a full refund in writing and it will be provided within 30 days of your request. There are no refunds after 30 days from the day of the first class.
  4. During the course there will be homework such as journaling, assessments, vision boards, and various other assignments, and you will be expected to obtain whatever materials are needed to complete those assignments at your own expense. Such additional expenses should not exceed USD$100, but that will depend upon your own situation and requirements.
  5. All classes will be recorded, and though we cannot be responsible for technical problems beyond our control, we will make every effort to make those recordings available to all course participants in a downloadable electronic form. By downloading such recordings you agree that they are for your own personal use, and that you will not duplicate them or share them with anyone else.
  6. By registering for this course you agree that we (Mary Beth Shewan and Wholelife Coaching) retain full ownership and copyright of any and all course materials and recordings, and that we may use such materials, including your voice as it may be contained in such recordings, in future products, promotions, etc.
  7. As a course participant you will be entitled to one 15-minute individual laser-coaching session with your teacher/coach, Mary Beth Shewan, per month. You will need to contact her directly to schedule those sessions. If you would like a full one-on-one coaching session to go deeper into a topic, you may schedule that for a fee of USD$100.
  8. All classes will be conducted by telephone, using a conference calling service with a US phone number, and you will be responsible for all charges incurred in calling that number. The phone number and access code will be provided to you by email, and may change during the course. You will be responsible for making sure that we have your correct email address at all times, and for checking that address periodically, so that you do not miss any announcements or other communications from us.
  9. By registering for and participating in this course you agree that this is purely an educational program, and that any decisions you make or actions you take based on input or advice from the Teacher/Coach, or anyone else involved in this course, is ultimately and solely your responsibility. You agree that we shall have no liability or responsibility for any actions taken (or not taken) by you in connection with this course. You are solely responsible for what you take away from this course, and we make no guaranties or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the results you will achieve or the consequences you will experience of any actions you take (or fail to take) as a result of this course.